California reports show that robot cars love their drivers: Robot cars on average required a human takeover every 14 miles driven, says Consumer Watchdog

consumer watchdog : prnewswire – excerpt

LOS ANGELES, Feb. 14, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Updated reports required by the California Department of Motor Vehicles from companies testing robot cars on California public roads reveal a fleetwide average of 1 human takeover for every 14 miles tested, according to calculations by Consumer Watchdog. The number of times a human driver had to take control of the robot car during testing varied widely between companies. ¬†Overall 28 companies including Uber, Apple, Toyota, Waymo (Google) and GM Cruise logged 2.04 million miles in testing and reported over 145,402 disengagements.

“These reports show that robot cars aren’t close to being ready for public deployment,” said Adam Scow, Senior Advocate for Consumer Watchdog. “While some companies are improving, others are sputtering out in the parking lot.”… (more)