Negotiations, approvals still await Muni’s plans to extract Central Subway tools

By: Will Reisman : SFExaminer – excerpt

While Muni negotiates with a North Beach property owner on how it will remove boring tools for the Central Subway project, major planning and approval decisions regarding the controversial extraction process await.
Outrage among residents and merchants over plans to remove the machines at Columbus Avenue led the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency, which operates Muni, to propose taking out the equipment at the Pagoda Palace, a derelict former movie theater.:…  (more)

Letter to NBBA Members, re: Central Subway Project – excerpt

Dear Members,

You may have been approached and told that the North Beach Business Association is not actively involved in fighting the proposed extraction of the Central Subway machinery scheduled to take place in the heart of North Beach.
we have decided to provide funds to retain the law firm of Susan Brandt-Hawley, a well-known lawyer who works exclusively on environmental cases such as ours. She has an amazing track record. If you are interested in researching her, her firm’s website is
This is not a time for people to be divisive within our community. We are facing a huge crisis and we need to stand together as one voice to prevent the destruction of our neighborhood and merchant corridor. We hope you will join us in this fight. Please keep an eye out for more e-mails and updates as the situation moves forward.
Please feel free to contact anyone on the board via email or call us as well (415.989.2220).  We want to hear from you!!
Many thanks,
The Board of NBBA… (more)

We were looking up the results of this week’s meeting and discovered that most of the links regarding SFMTA North Beach meetings lead to our videos of the first meeting. This is the first other recent data that comes up in google.