Career Briefs: Sonali Bose, San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency’



• Sonali Bose, San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency’s director of finance and information technology, has retired. During her tenure, she raised the SFMTA’s credit rating to be the highest of any transit agency in the country. She oversaw a new parking program that adjusts rates at meters and garages to match demand. She helped fund the biggest increase in Muni bus and rail service that San Francisco has ever seen and increased the revenue from the agency’s advertising contracts from $400,000 to $30 million. Bose helped beef up Muni service by 10 percent, replaced the buses and light-rail vehicles, boosted the workforce from 4,000 to 6,000 employees and doubled the budget… (more)

Muni: The City’s Schizophrenic Treatment of its Transit System

by Joe Eskenazi : sfweekly – excerpt

Continuing a long, if not proud, tradition of knuckling under to whatever the hell the mayor wants, Muni’s board yesterday voted to do away with Sunday parking meters.

This was utterly and totally predictable. Muni’s board is not an entity to which anyone should extend the courtesy of taking seriously. If you do, you must also buy into the notion of the dead rising from their graves to vote in Chicago or 105 percent of the electorate throwing in with Kim Jong-Un.

So, yesterday, the Muni board obeisantly voted to do away with Sunday meters, a program Muni transit experts have been planning for at least five years. Muni boss Ed Reiskin told the media that it’s all okay since the mayor doesn’t ask for much.

The mayor doesn’t “ask” for anything. Press releases were ready even prior to the vote…

Let’s hand untold quantities of cash to an agency that, once again, proved that it’s wholly and totally a subsidiary of the office of the mayor, which dictates its finances down to the line-items.

Message from Muni’s riders: Piss off… (more)