Central Subway: Federal Overseer Laments “Serious Deficiency” in Time, Money Contingencies

By Joe Eskenazi : SFWEEKLY – excerpt

Federal officials “concerned that it has taken the Central Subway Project so long to address this serious deficiency.”
If time is, indeed, money, the Central Subway project is in double trouble.
A recent report by an overseer monitoring the $1.6 billion federally funded project laments that the controversial subway line is at risk of falling well short of Federal Transportation Administration minimums for both surplus time and money….
Update, 3 p.m.: Rose says the contractor handling the headway construction has “brought in a second piece of equipment to double production.” With regards to concerns about time contingencies, he claims “we are moving forward with getting back on schedule.” Muni’s monetary reserve is well below FTA-approved levels — but Rose was confident the $65 million contingency would suffice. If not, he said, Muni could tap into a “capital surplus.”… (more)

San Francisco deserves better than the SFMTA. What are we going to do about it?

If the SFMTA is in the hole for $65 Million, why are they spending like there is no tomorrow, turning revenue generating parking spots into free bicycle parking, parklets and bulb-outs?

Why are they approving millions for non-Muni projects? (i.e. the $510 million deal on Market and Dolores).

Why are the spending a fortune on a subway station north of  Chinatown when major development is concentrated in the Eastern Neighborhoods?

SFMTA reaches private property lease terms for Central Subway construction

rtands.com – excerpt

The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) finalized the lease terms with the owner of the Pagoda Palace property in North Beach, Calif.

The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) finalized the lease terms with the owner of the Pagoda Palace property in North Beach, Calif.
This step brings SFMTA closer to finalizing plans to extract its two tunnel boring machines (TBMs) that will be used to construct the Central Subway. The lease is subject to approval by the SFMTA Board.
“The Central Subway invests in a modern 21st Century public transportation system for San Francisco that will connect our city’s diverse neighborhoods and create thousands of jobs,” said San Francisco Mayor Edwin Lee. “This next step will allow the project to move forward in building a transit system for the growing population and workforce of the future and minimizes the construction impact to the North Beach neighborhood.”
The two-year lease, capped at $3.15 million, allows SFMTA to demolish the existing structure and utilize the property to retrieve the TBMs…
The project will also require National Environmental Policy Act clearance by the Federal Transit Administration. If all of the necessary legislative processes and approvals occur by April 1, 2013, then the demolition of the Pagoda Palace site can then commence. Before any construction begins, SFMTA will conduct building surveys on the properties adjacent to the Pagoda Palace site to assess existing conditions…  (more)