Scathing new city report repudiates Lee, Breed policies on Uber, Lyft

By Tim Redmond : 48hills – excerpt

Planners say TNCs have caused terrible problems because the city didn’t regulate them. Plus, on housing: It’s capitalism, stupid.

The San Francisco Planning Commission today discussed, if only briefly, a stunning new report from the Planning Department on Uber, Lyft, and other so-called Transportation Network Companies.

The report, which you can read here, directly repudiates the policies of former Mayor Ed Lee and, at least in the early days of her term, Mayor London Breed.

It lays out in exceptional detail how the TNCs have deeply damaged the city and how the city’s failure to regulate these companies has been a terrible failure…

Among other things, the report says, 50 percent of the increased congestion on city streets is due to the TNCs, which include delivery companies as well as Uber and Lyft, and these companies are seriously undermining the city’s ability to meet its climate goals

Uber has acknowledged it must compete with public transportation to grow. The company wrote in its registration filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission in 2019 that its “growth depends on a number of factors, including our ability to …reduce the costs of our Personal Mobility offering to better compete with … other low-cost alternatives like public transportation, which in many cases can be faster or cheaper than any other form of transportation.”…(more)

Amazing how long it took for the city department to find a way to admit what many of us knew and wrote about for years. Early articles and independent observers warned about Related Inc. claims in their marketing materials take taking resident parking would displace people by forcing car owner out, making up-zoning and gentrification easier in the neighborhood they targeted in New York. It worked as promised there and is on track to work in San Francisco.

It is high time someone acknowledges what many of us warned against years ago. TNCs have created havoc on San Francisco streets and put the taxi companies out of business. Will anyone at City Hall consider taking actions now to reverse the damage they have done? Will the city investigate the tech shuttle buses soon? How many passengers are they really carrying?


What do MTC, Ford GoBikes, Motivate LLC and Related Real Estate have in common and why bring it up now? Metropolitan Transportation Commission,(MTC) signed an agreement with Motivate LLC that created a public/private partnership in 2015. BAY AREA BIKE SHARE PROGRAM AGREEMENT between METROPOLITAN TRANSPORTATION COMMISSION and BAY AREA MOTIVATE, LLC Or download it here: Program_Agreement

Holding Company behind Motivate is Bikeshare Holdings LLC. By most counts this is not a neighborhood friendly organization.

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