Franklin Street Quick-Build Project

sfmta – excerpt

Improving Safety on Franklin Street

Project Introduction

Franklin Street is a North-South roadway that extends from Market Street to Fort Mason Park. Between Broadway and Lombard streets, Franklin Street consists of three travel lanes in the northbound direction, andwith residential permit street parking on both sides of the street. The section of Franklin Street between Broadway and Lombard Streets is heavily residential and encompasses two schools: Saint Brigid School, and Sherman Elementary School…

Initial project goals include:

  • Improve pedestrian safety by increasing visibility of people walking and by reducing potential conflicts between people walking and people driving.
  • Improve traffic safety by slowing down vehicle speeds while keeping traffic moving.
  • Improve safe access to schools along Franklin Street for all roadway users through targeted improvements.

This project is in support of San Francisco’s Vision Zero commitment of eliminating all traffic deaths and serious injuries… (more)

Not sure how this improves Muni service, but that does not seem to be a high priority for the SFMTA. They would much rather spend their money on harassing drivers than fixing the Muni system. I went shopping with a Muni rider today and she asked me if it is true that the tunnel is closed. What do i know about a tunnel, but, if Muni riders are concerned, that should concern the SFMTA.if they really want them to rely on their service.

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