Car-free JFK is great. For true equity and environmental progress, much more is needed.

By Joe Eskenazi : missionlocal – excerpt

For boomer parents, it seems the No. 1 concern regarding their children’s well-being was vans. As in: Sickos driving vans stocked with candy waiting to spirit young people off to parts unknown.

You don’t see vans so much anymore unless you’re a traveling musician. Perhaps that’s for the best.

Regarding my generation, I was truly unprepared for how much of my parental stress would relate to cars, keeping my kids off the street, and telling them, endlessly, to watch for driveways. This is draining and all-consuming. So the notion of car-free spaces has me at hello…

Ratifying JFK’s car-free status “is achieving community goals, and is a good thing,” says Sarah Jones, the Municipal Transportation Agency’s former planning director — who played no small role in engineering this long-sought move.

“But, as a destination,” she continues, “it’s not achieving environmental goals. I think JFK Drive, in and of itself, has limited climate benefits. To really get somewhere on climate action, the focus needs to be on transit.”…(more)

I couldn’t agree more with that statement. I sincerely think that the people who are in charge of Muni spend way to much time on unrelated matters and they should be taken off their role as managing Muni so some people who do nothing but Muni could work on fixing those problems. I also sincerely believe that the Muni service cuts and bus stop removals are making the system less useful every day.

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