Car-free JFK is great. For true equity and environmental progress, much more is needed.

By Joe Eskenazi : missionlocal – excerpt

For boomer parents, it seems the No. 1 concern regarding their children’s well-being was vans. As in: Sickos driving vans stocked with candy waiting to spirit young people off to parts unknown.

You don’t see vans so much anymore unless you’re a traveling musician. Perhaps that’s for the best.

Regarding my generation, I was truly unprepared for how much of my parental stress would relate to cars, keeping my kids off the street, and telling them, endlessly, to watch for driveways. This is draining and all-consuming. So the notion of car-free spaces has me at hello…

Ratifying JFK’s car-free status “is achieving community goals, and is a good thing,” says Sarah Jones, the Municipal Transportation Agency’s former planning director — who played no small role in engineering this long-sought move.

“But, as a destination,” she continues, “it’s not achieving environmental goals. I think JFK Drive, in and of itself, has limited climate benefits. To really get somewhere on climate action, the focus needs to be on transit.”…(more)

I couldn’t agree more with that statement. I sincerely think that the people who are in charge of Muni spend way to much time on unrelated matters and they should be taken off their role as managing Muni so some people who do nothing but Muni could work on fixing those problems. I also sincerely believe that the Muni service cuts and bus stop removals are making the system less useful every day.

The SaveMuni Debate on the $400 Million Muni Bond Bill of 2022

The $400 Million Muni Bond will be on the June ballot. Find out what it means to you.

To bond or not to bond, or to extend bonded indebtedness or not is the question many will answer as they go to the polls and considier Prop A on the June Ballot.

MONDAY, APRIL 18, 2022 – 5:30-7:30 PM :  $400 MUNI BOND DEBATEProposition A, a $400 million Muni bond, will be on the June 7, 2022 ballot.
SaveMUNI is sponsoews the debate. Supporting the measure will be Jonathan Rewers, Acting CFO of the MTA. Opposing the measure will be attorney and economist Larry Marso. Further Q and A

Planning begins for a subway to the Sunset…and beyond

By Benjamin Schneider : sfexaminer – excerpt

The San Francisco County Transportation Authority has directed staff to begin working on a strategy for a Geary-19th Avenue subway. (San Francisco County Transportation Authority)…

Imagine hopping on a subway downtown and arriving in Japantown, Golden Gate Park or the Sunset District in as little time as it takes to ride BART from the FiDi to the Mission District.

That fever dream took one tiny step closer to reality on Tuesday morning when the San Francisco County Transportation Authority (SFCTA) board directed planners to begin working on a “strategic case” for a Geary-19th Avenue subway…(more)

Of course the subway will only come when the density levels rise, otherwise they will not “pencil out.”

Let’s Reopen JFK Drive

It’s Time. Reopen JFK Drive!
Dear Friend,

The future of JFK Drive will be up for a vote by the San Francisco Board of Supervisors on Tuesday, April 26 at 9am.

The closure of JFK Drive has made it difficult for many to enjoy Golden Gate Park. You and thousands of other San Franciscans have already reached out to the Board of Supervisors and the Mayor to urge them to reopen the road. In doing so, you’ve sent a clear message. Now we have one last chance to share with city decision makers why they must vote to reopen the road again.

Golden Gate Park is at a crossroads. RSVP now to participate in public comment during the Board of Supervisors meeting.

The continued closure of the road restricts access for people with disabilities, seniors, families with young children, people who do not live close to the Park, and low-income communities. Simply put, everyone should be able to enjoy Golden Gate Park.

We need your support. RSVP to speak in support of reopening JFK Drive!

Thank you for your continued advocacy and support for ensuring Golden Gate Park is accessible to all.

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Park Access for All · Sutter Street · San Francisco, CA 94109 · USA

BART may need to void $40-million contract after potential conflict of interest found, inspector general says

By Alex Wigglesworth : latimes – excerpt

The Bay Area Rapid Transit agency may be required to void a $40-million construction management contract after an investigation revealed a potential conflict of interest between a manager who played a role in making and administering the contract and the firm to which it was awarded, the transit agency’s inspector general announced Friday.

Inspector General Harriet Richardson said she began the investigation after receiving evidence that the BART manager used to work for the construction management firm, and that the manager’s spouse and sibling still worked for the firm. Those allegations came to light during another investigation Richardson’s office is conducting, according to the report.

“The BART manager’s relationships create a potential financial interest in the contract, which is against the law,” Richardson said in a statement. California Government Code Section 1090 prohibits government employees from having a role in making contracts in which they have a financial interest…(more)

SF Central Subway Opening Could Be Delayed Due to Stubborn Leaks in Tunnel

By Jaxon Van Derbeken : nbcbayarea – excerpt (includes video)

A persistent leaking problem is the most significant risk Muni must overcome this month to meet the scheduled fall opening date of the long delayed $1.9 billion Muni Central Subway, according to the federal monitor overseeing the troubled project.

NBC Bay Area has obtained Muni photos showing leaks in the three underground stations on the project: Yerba Buena, Union Square and Chinatown. At the Yerba Buena station, photos show standing water and evidence of leaks in electrical rooms as well as the ceiling of the concourse level. In Union Square, telltale white residue is evident in photos taken of the platform walls as well as the concourse walls and ceiling. The Chinatown station photos show signs of leaks in the tunnel ceiling and the platform… (more)