No, Muni isn’t broke: New report challenges mayor’s austerity planning

By Tim Redmond : 48hills – excerpt

Controller’s Office says the system faces no serious deficits, contradicting what Breed and Muni leaders have said when they opposed restoring service or cutting fares.

For most of the past year, as Muni advocates and Sups. Dean Preston and Connie Chan have called for restoration of COVID-suspended lines and fare relief, the San Francisco Municipal Transit Agency has insisted that it can’t do much of anything to improve service.

Restoring lines or reducing fares would create a “fiscal cliff,” SFMTA director Jeffrey Tumlin said repeatedly. He cited figures showing that Muni would run a massive deficit in just a year or two, and that the result would be huge layoffs and service cuts.

Mayor London Breed vetoed a fully-funded Free Muni pilot project for the same reason.

Turns out that was completely wrong…(more)

Can you say tax and spend? All the city seems to care about is having an excuse to raise taxes. How can they push a new bond measure to pay for more Capital expansions if Muni isn’t broke?

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