Supervisors, advocates make ‘demands’ of transit officials in heated debate over Muni service future

By Jerrold Chinn : sfbayca – excerpt

San Francisco Muni passengers and city supervisors voiced concerns Friday that transit officials have yet to provide a date when service will be fully restored, leaving some to speculate that many routes could be on the chopping block…

Supervisors expressed concern about the hiring of the transportation consultant and the role Walker will play in helping the agency craft a restoration plan. Preston pointed to past posts on Walker’s website that were focused on service eliminations, as well as a recent guest blog (“What’s the Best Way to Restore Muni Service?”) published on the SFMTA website

Supervisors were also worried about “draft” documents and excel spreadsheets obtained by transit advocates and sent to the supervisors and posted on social media. The documents were obtained through public records requests…

Muni passengers displeased with how transit officials responded to some of the supervisors’ questions…

“If SFMTA wants to build back our trust, they need to meet those demands.” – rider said…(more)

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