Will bullet train survive budget wrangle?

By Dan Walters : calmatters – excerpt

In summary: California’s budgetary package is slowly dribbling out of the Capitol but one big issue, the fate of the state’s bullet train project, is still up in the air…

Using a singular noun “budget” no longer describes the tortuous process by which the governor and state legislators decide how to spend the state’s money.

We now have “budgets” almost too numerous to list – a budget proposed by the governor in January, a “May revise” that’s virtually an entirely new proposal, and a bare bones budget that the Legislature passes by June 15 to meet a constitutional deadline, followed by numerous “budget bill juniors” and “trailer bills.”

Even after all of those overlapping and confusing actions are taken, it’s not uncommon for further revisions to be enacted for many months thereafter, some even retroactively changing budgets from previous years.

On Monday, Gov. Gavin Newsom signed what he described as “legislation that reflects the majority of the 2021-22 state budget agreement.”…

Any significant diversion of the bond funds could be a death sentence for the bullet train, which is years behind schedule and billions of dollars over cost projections with no end in sight. It would be a merciful death…(more)

Nothing to see here other than competition for funds for two over budget behind schedule projects that primarily benefit the Bay Area being challenged by the rest of the state. At a time when existing transit systems are struggling to survive, some Sacramento politicians are in favor of keeping local systems afloat rather than pouring cash into the struggling future mega projects. We may see a hands off approach by the governor on this one as he balances his future on the need for broader state-wide support to win the recall fight.

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