Extra buses added after San Jose VTA shooting suspended

By Lloyd Alaban : sanjosespotlight – excerpt

VTA sent out additional buses to help bridge gaps in light rail service following Wednesday’s mass shooting. But now that’s going away too.

The transportation agency stopped light rail service after an employee opened fire at the agency’s rail yard near downtown San Jose, killing nine people and then himself. It’s unclear when service will resume.

“Management is in discussions with how to resume service on a short term basis, as well as what the long term service recovery plan will look like,” VTA spokesperson Stacey Hendler Ross told San José Spotlight. She asked for the public’s patience and understanding while the agency works to get the light rail system back up and running. “We are doing our best to balance the needs of passengers with the needs of our employees to have the time they require to cope with last week’s tragedy.”…(more)

I feel sorry for the folks in San Jose who did not see this coming. Hope they work something out soon.

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