Only 85 percent of Muni service hours to be brought back by January 2022

By Carly Graf : sfexaminer – excerpt

Mission Street Red Lanes photo by zrants

Three Muni Metro lines are ‘unlikely’ to return until early next year

While San Francisco continues to gradually reopen from the year-long COVID-19 pandemic, its transit agency faces a long road to recovery.

By January 2022, only 85 percent of pre-pandemic Muni service hours are expected to be restored, up from the roughly 70 percent currently provided.

Julie Kirschbaum, transit director for the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency, broke the news to the Board of Directors on Tuesday, laying out the restoration plan for the coming year.

“We won’t be able to do everything, but we will be able to do important things and keep up as The City recovers,” Kirschbaum said of the plan to slowly phase in additional Muni routes or increase frequencies.

SFMTA will receive enough federal money to close the deficit for fiscal year 2021, 2022 and possibly 2023, but leadership is wary of trying to restore all Muni service in the short term without a guaranteed source of income once stimulus dollars are drained…(more)

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