Seamless Bay Area Explains Why MTC Doesn’t Work

By Roger Rudick : streetsblog – excerpt

When it comes to creating a rational fare structure and a more usable transportation system for the Bay Area, MTC an abject failure. Here’s why.

The Bay Area’s Metropolitan Transportation Commission was created in 1970 to build a coordinated transit system for the Bay Area.

As anyone who’s tried to use transit in the Bay Area knows well, it has failed completely. In a recently released paper, Seamless Bay Area’s Ian Griffiths explains the three main reasons why, and what can be about it:

From the Seamless paper, “Three reasons why MTC isn’t working as the Bay Area’s network manager“:…

The paper goes on to lay out the three main reasons the MTC has failed:

  • The mandates of dozens of other transit agencies and planning entities conflict with MTC’s mandate to coordinate.
  • MTC’s board composition results in policy shaped too heavily by local interests and not enough by shared regional interests.
  • MTC policies are shaped too heavily by boards and committees that don’t have enough relevant technical expertise and are insufficiently informed by best practices and professional experts… (more)

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