Delivery Apps Raising Prices Statewide, Despite Prop. 22 Win

By Joe Kukura- Millionaire in Training : brokeassstuart – excerpt

Effective today, all Californians will pay more for a DoorDash order. That comes on the heels of Monday’s Uber Eats price increase of $2 more to every San Francisco customer, as reported by Eater SF.

All of the delivery apps are going to be raising their service fees after the passage of the terrible law Prop. 22, that ensures delivery drivers do not get employment benefits. That’s funny, because these tech companies said that prices would go up if Prop. 22 failed. But now that it has passed, they’re still raising prices anyway, to bolster huge engineer and executive salaries while delivery workers make as little as $1.45 an hour.

Uber claims that this extra charge is to pay for a set of new driver benefits, but a close look at these benefits shows them to be a combination of swiss cheese loopholes, inflated promises, and complete horseshit. They claim to now pay more than minimum wage, but they use the qualifier “When you’re active…” That means the benefits only apply to time when the driver has a fare or a meal to deliver. A UC Berkeley study found that drivers do not have a fare or a delivery for about 33% of the time they spend on the job (and those figures are from before the pandemic)… (more)

Fool you once and you are screwed by the corporations. Too late to change your mind. Now you get to live with it.

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