SFMTA board scrutinizes Van Ness BRT spending

By Carly Graf : sfexaminer – excerpt

Proposed contract modification would allocate $2.6 million for pedestrian monitors \

By this time next year, “we will be watching the paint dry” on the long awaited Van Ness Avenue Bus Rapid Transit build, Peter Gabancho, project manager, told the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency Board of Directors this week.

But not without at least a small fight over $2.6 million dollars first.

SFMTA asked the board to approve a contract modification to allot roughly $2.6 million to pay for additional pedestrian monitors, employees who man crosswalks and intersections to ensure people don’t wander into the construction site…(more)

Let’s spend money on everything but the Muni and let’s lay off everyone so we can pay people to babysit pedestrians. Really? The people who need to go are the ones who signed the contracts and the project managers who cannot control their staff or there contractors. In fact lay off the managers with the top heavy salaries first.

They have no trouble putting up barriers for cars, yet, barriers for pedestrians seems like a major challenge. What pedestrian doesn’t know better than t avoid falling into a hole or being hit by a construction truck? How many bus runs can you pay for with 2.6 million dollars? Shall we get to the real math and figure out how much each Muni ride is costing and who is paying paying for those rides?

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