Can Parking Proceeds Close Muni Budget Hole?

By Roger Rudick : streetsblog – excerpt

Suggestions from advocates for closing a $68 million SFMTA deficit

With fare revenue down some ninety percent, SFMTA is facing a $68 million budget deficit thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic recession. “It’s personally painful to deliver this budget report,” Director Jeffrey Tumlin put it at Tuesday’s SFMTA Board Meeting. “I’m outraged that in this country, in a wealthy city, in a wealthy state, that we’re backed into a corner to consider laying off the very workers who have shown up every day on the front line.” The San Francisco Examiner reports that the agency “… could lay off as many as 1,226 full-time employees next fiscal year, representing 22 percent of the transit agency’s entire workforce, in order to close a budget deficit that seems increasingly insurmountable without dramatic action.”… (more)

Parking assets, fines, fees, and otherwise, depend on having cars in San Francisco and that depends on having easy means of driving around the city and parking, all of which SFMTA and their supporters have worked to eliminate from the city. If you want private cars to feed your Muni budget, the way it is currently set up to do, you need to remove the barriers to driving and parking. In short, don’t continue to bit the hand that feeds you.

Many people predicted the SFMTA is on a downward spiral for decades due to the bad priorities they have set for themselves and the policies that they have pushed. Unfortunately, our predictions came true at a difficult time for all of us. Too bad we did not devise a solution for this meltdown, not that it is our job to do so and not that the SFMTA or San Francisco politicians would listen to our suggestions, but, we do lament not having a solution for this problem we anticipated.

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