BART Refusing Further Delivery of New Train Cars Due to Unsolved Software Problems

nbc bay area staff

BART announced Tuesday it will temporarily stop accepting delivery of new Fleet of the Future (FOTF) rail cars in 2021 due to unsolved problems.

According to a statement, the rail cars’ manufacturer, Bombardier Transportation, needs to improve the cars’ reliability and availability.

The issues in the new rail cars are related to software in the train’s control system making the car routinely stop while in service and having to be rebooted by the train operator. The problem causes a five to ten minute delay…(more)

Is anyone still claiming computers are smarter than we are? Faster sometimes, but, not any smarter than the programmer or operator.

Delivery Apps Raising Prices Statewide, Despite Prop. 22 Win

By Joe Kukura- Millionaire in Training : brokeassstuart – excerpt

Effective today, all Californians will pay more for a DoorDash order. That comes on the heels of Monday’s Uber Eats price increase of $2 more to every San Francisco customer, as reported by Eater SF.

All of the delivery apps are going to be raising their service fees after the passage of the terrible law Prop. 22, that ensures delivery drivers do not get employment benefits. That’s funny, because these tech companies said that prices would go up if Prop. 22 failed. But now that it has passed, they’re still raising prices anyway, to bolster huge engineer and executive salaries while delivery workers make as little as $1.45 an hour.

Uber claims that this extra charge is to pay for a set of new driver benefits, but a close look at these benefits shows them to be a combination of swiss cheese loopholes, inflated promises, and complete horseshit. They claim to now pay more than minimum wage, but they use the qualifier “When you’re active…” That means the benefits only apply to time when the driver has a fare or a meal to deliver. A UC Berkeley study found that drivers do not have a fare or a delivery for about 33% of the time they spend on the job (and those figures are from before the pandemic)… (more)

Fool you once and you are screwed by the corporations. Too late to change your mind. Now you get to live with it.

Want to simplify regional transit? It’s complicated

By Carly Graf : sfexaminer – excerpt

Advocates call for ‘seamless’ integrated system with synchronized schedules, fares

Bay Area transit officials, advocates and riders agree: the region’s public transportation system is confusing, often unreliable, expensive and unable to attract wide swaths of residents who could otherwise benefit from it.

What they don’t necessarily agree on, though, is how to solve those problems.

On Monday, the Metropolitan Transportation Commission’s Fare Integration Task Force will meet to discuss the next steps in an ongoing study to explore how to better coordinate regional transit…(more)

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SFMTA board scrutinizes Van Ness BRT spending

By Carly Graf : sfexaminer – excerpt

Proposed contract modification would allocate $2.6 million for pedestrian monitors \

By this time next year, “we will be watching the paint dry” on the long awaited Van Ness Avenue Bus Rapid Transit build, Peter Gabancho, project manager, told the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency Board of Directors this week.

But not without at least a small fight over $2.6 million dollars first.

SFMTA asked the board to approve a contract modification to allot roughly $2.6 million to pay for additional pedestrian monitors, employees who man crosswalks and intersections to ensure people don’t wander into the construction site…(more)

Let’s spend money on everything but the Muni and let’s lay off everyone so we can pay people to babysit pedestrians. Really? The people who need to go are the ones who signed the contracts and the project managers who cannot control their staff or there contractors. In fact lay off the managers with the top heavy salaries first.

They have no trouble putting up barriers for cars, yet, barriers for pedestrians seems like a major challenge. What pedestrian doesn’t know better than t avoid falling into a hole or being hit by a construction truck? How many bus runs can you pay for with 2.6 million dollars? Shall we get to the real math and figure out how much each Muni ride is costing and who is paying paying for those rides?

Can Parking Proceeds Close Muni Budget Hole?

By Roger Rudick : streetsblog – excerpt

Suggestions from advocates for closing a $68 million SFMTA deficit

With fare revenue down some ninety percent, SFMTA is facing a $68 million budget deficit thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic recession. “It’s personally painful to deliver this budget report,” Director Jeffrey Tumlin put it at Tuesday’s SFMTA Board Meeting. “I’m outraged that in this country, in a wealthy city, in a wealthy state, that we’re backed into a corner to consider laying off the very workers who have shown up every day on the front line.” The San Francisco Examiner reports that the agency “… could lay off as many as 1,226 full-time employees next fiscal year, representing 22 percent of the transit agency’s entire workforce, in order to close a budget deficit that seems increasingly insurmountable without dramatic action.”… (more)

Parking assets, fines, fees, and otherwise, depend on having cars in San Francisco and that depends on having easy means of driving around the city and parking, all of which SFMTA and their supporters have worked to eliminate from the city. If you want private cars to feed your Muni budget, the way it is currently set up to do, you need to remove the barriers to driving and parking. In short, don’t continue to bit the hand that feeds you.

Many people predicted the SFMTA is on a downward spiral for decades due to the bad priorities they have set for themselves and the policies that they have pushed. Unfortunately, our predictions came true at a difficult time for all of us. Too bad we did not devise a solution for this meltdown, not that it is our job to do so and not that the SFMTA or San Francisco politicians would listen to our suggestions, but, we do lament not having a solution for this problem we anticipated.

Editoral: VTA, BART ignore the voters who approve their tax increases

By Mercury News & East Bay Times Editorial Boards : mecurytimes – excerpt

Two Bay Area transportation agencies seem to think they can take the money but renege on promises that come with it

Two Bay Area transportation agencies seem to think they can take taxpayer money but ignore the promises to voters that come with it.

The nose thumbings by the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority and the Bay Area Rapid Transit District display an unacceptable, but sadly not surprising, arrogance.

Promises to voters matter. Bay Area residents should remember the agencies’ behavior — and question whether they can be trusted — next time they seek ballot approval for taxes…(more)

The old bait and switch is back. Don’t trust a government official to spend like you think they will regardless of what they promise.