Save Harvey’s Gardens & Grove at Castro MUNI Harvey Milk Plaza


Please consider signing this initiative to support the creation of the nation’s first LGBTQ Veterans Grove (2499 Market St) and Harvey’s Garden – A Watershed Garden (2401 Market St). The 2 street parks are an important part of existing open space areas with mature landscaping at a historically and culturally significant LGBTQ site that is also an important transit hub.

Why is this important?

We say, Renovate – Don’t Desecrate!
Please sign the petition! Stop the Demolition! Restore/Expand Harvey Milk Plaza!
Protect the ONLY muni station that has open space & mature landscaping! Save Harvey’s Gardens & Grove!

This petition was created by concerned neighbors and community members in the late winter of ’17-’18 as an aspect of the Twin Parklets initiative. Now we are ready for the web. We submitted 2 parklet applications to government stakeholders (Public Works) in early March 2018. As of mid-April we have collected over 750 ‘wet’ signatures that included actual conversations with neighbors, visitors and merchants. *The above is the exact verbiage on the petition.
Whereas, a group calling itself the “Friends of Harvey Milk Plaza” are asking for the demolition of a site, including the mature landscaping, that many believe and understand ALREADY is a significant cultural and historical site. This group has been resistant to hearing our pleas and concerns.

We want a green, sustainable and beautiful solution to an important and efficient transit hub that has suffered from urban strains but is structurally sound. This site already educates and inspires visitors from far and wide. The neighborhood character will be impacted by the of the demolishing of this built environment…(more)

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