Regional Express (ReX) Transit Network

transformca – excerpt
The ReX Network can dramatically improve transportation in the Bay Area, connecting regional and local transit networks into a seamless whole.

ReX would make it easier for millions of residents to get around the region on transit. It is designed to connect the Bay Area’s transit systems, minimize travel times and wait times, and broaden access to regional rapid transit service. The core of the ReX network is intended to run on TransForm’s proposal for a fully connected system of express lanes, building on the network that is already beginning to take shape on the Bay Area’s freeways.

The ReX concept stemmed from a joint Horizon proposal from TransForm and SPUR to the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) to rethink the future of our highways. It was one of six “Transformative Transportation Projects” chosen by MTC for study and potential inclusion in Plan Bay Area 2050.

Download a four-page summary of the ReX concept, complete with maps and photos(more)

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