SFMTA: New Central Subway Director to Reassess Schedule

Hello Everyone, Anyone reading Federal PMOC Reports, over the last year(s), would have seen ominous construction conditions—masked by rosy SFMTA forecasts. Remember that the recent testing/ commissioning of new LRV & BART trains had long delays. And the Central Subway requires testing/ commissioning/ training for complex systems, stations, trains, operations, maintenance and more. Regards, Howard

SFMTA: New Central Subway Director to Reassess Schedule


Once construction is completed, we will begin testing to ensure that the tracks and other systems are fully integrated with the Muni system and ready for service. This includes integrating the automatic train control systems, radio and data communication systems, overhead lines, and customer information systems, ensuring that all of these aspects work for our two different types of light rail vehicles (Breda and LRV4). Like most major infrastructure projects, the Central Subway is incredibly complex. Accurately predicting a completion date is always a challenge, and there are always risks that can delay a project or add unanticipated costs…

New Central Subway Director to Reassess Schedule

Thursday, July 25, 2019

Today, the SFMTA announced plans to undertake a comprehensive review of the Central Subway budget and schedule. The review will be conducted by the Central Subway Program’s new director, Nadeem Tahir, who joined the agency on July 15. It is expected to take approximately six weeks to complete and will identify a revised start date for service as well as evaluate the expected budget impacts of the delay.

Central Subway

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