Rethinking Public/Private Enterprises

“Corporations cause problems whenever public officials allow themselves to be compromised by corporate wealth and power” – Gerald Cauthen, President of the Bay Area Transportation Working Group

Maybe we need to see some studies on the success/failures of Public/Private enterprises. How do the public/private determine power and distribute profits and how are outcomes of the programs measured?

  • Under what circumstances do governments enter into public/private enterprises?
  • How do public/private partners determine separation of powers?
  • What does each party contribute to ensure the success of the program?
  • How much public funds are invested in public/private enterprises?
  • How is the public involved in decisions to partner with corporation?
  • What are the shared goals and interests of the partners?”
  • What is the oversight process for the public/private enterprises?
  • How do government entities enforce regulations on their private partners?
  • Is government exerting proper authority over their corporate partners?
  • How are disputes handled?
  • What are the financial outcomes of the public/private enterprises?
  • Are government entities recovering their investments?
  • Is the public being served by all the public/private enterprises?
  • Does the public know about these partnership?
  • Does the public support these partnerships?

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