Chinese in America & Transcontinental Railroad

History on the 150th Anniversary of the The First Transcontinental Railroad – excerpt


– excerptThe First Transcontinental Railroad’s 150th Anniversary on May 10, 2019 will have layers of history and meaning, especially for Chinese-Americans whose family roots include builders of the railroad. The date will also mark a civil rights tribute—to successes in resetting the historical record and honoring pioneers of the not-so-distant past. At Promontory Point, Utah, on May 10, 1869, the driving of the Golden Spike marked the Transcontinental Railroad’s completion—but also a historical injustice. Left out of the historic ceremony were the 12,000 Chinese railroad workers, of whom over 400 had died during construction.

ASAMNEWS: Corky Lee stages “an act of photographic justice” for Asian Americans


Photographer Corky Lee has dedicated much of his life documenting the Asian American experience through photographs. The omission of Chinese from the official photo commemorating the completion of [the Transcontinental Railroad] was one of the motivating factors behind his passion for photography (photo by Corky Lee).

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