Los Angeles Congestion Pricing Study

By Howard Wong : savemuni – excerpt

For San Francisco, I’ve had qualms about a regressive congestion tax that disproportionately harms low-income drivers.  Los Angeles is studying a congestion pricing plan that could fund free public transit—which better competes against surging ride-sharing.  In the not-too-distant future, free public transit could move towards automated micro-buses that adopt on-demand ride-share technology.  Free, frequent, 24/7 public transit would be equitable and democratic…

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ARCHITECT’S NEWSPAPER:  Metro officials claim that congestion pricing could bring in enough new funding to lower base transit fares or even make the entire system free to ride. It’s possible that with the right congestion pricing plan, Metro could make transit more affordable and useful as it makes driving more expensive and difficult in tandem… (more)


1 thought on “Los Angeles Congestion Pricing Study



    It seems to me that if there were congestion pricing and if the proceeds were used properly, it would both greatly improve the alternatives to driving and deter driving. Those who travel long distances by car already spend thousands of dollars a year for the privilege, including costs that many drivers fail to take adequately into account. Put in this context, and given the fact that less congestion would result in less time lost in driving, congestion pricing would likely benefit everyone, particularly those of inadequate means who are nevertheless obliged to drive long distances. Highway tolling and/or congestion pricing are long overdue in places like LA County and the Bay Area

    Gerald Cauthen

    President, Bay Area Transportation Working Group


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