SF Freeway Corridor Management System Study

The SF County Transportation Authority Citizens Advisory Committee was scheduled to  meet at 6PM on Wednesday November 29 at 1455 Market Street, 22nd Floor.
Agenda item 8 explains the plan to research and plan  the SF Freeway Corridor Management System Study.  The current freeways will not be widened but the study will evaluate High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) or Toll lanes (pay a fee).  There is a vague reference to buses.  Does not distinguish between public transit or private buses.
No mention of moving more people (pass thru SF) with a regional express bus system. This study will designate future HOV and or Toll lanes.  
The projected significant future  increases  of  Southbay Facebook and Apple employment, and a “quicker” freeway commute can lead to, in my opinion,  more “private intercity  over the highway commuter buses” in our neighborhoods.
Now is the time to speak up for staff to holistically evaluate the types of future trips and the consequences on SF neighborhoods. Freeway park and ride lots can alleviate neighborhood congestion if a transfer is made to public transit.

Scroll down the agenda to item 8 and read the staff memo.
If anyone attended the meeting and would like to report back please post a comment and we will update this post. Sorry I was late in posting it.

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