New Beta site for SFMTA

After months of complaints about the difficult, non-user friendly experience in accessing information on the SFMTA web site and the lack of true public outreach and transparency in operating procedures many of us have experienced in dealing with the San Francisco Municipal Transit Authority, we discovered a new beta web site under development. Check it out and see what you think.

SFMTA is accepting feedback and questions. If you have any feel free to contact them.

SF OpenData is here. It appears to include a lot more city data.

So far we see:

At least some SFMTA Board resolutions are now searchable by referencing particular details, such as project classification, or a specific location. We look forward to additional details such as date of proposed implementation, progress reports and completion date.

There were two maps last I looked: One of disable parking spots and one of temporary tow-away zones. The latter seem to out0-numer the former by a large margin. Limiting those temporary two zones could go a long way toward solving the double parking problem.

Resolutions appears to be the history of all the detailed little street alterations they take up at engineering hearings. This one starts in 2010. Seems to end at 3/7/17. Hopefully they will get enter the FUTURE actions soon, as those are the ones most people need to know about.
This includes video of meetings where supposedly these changes were discussed.

Now we meed to how this will work on future projects.


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