Fail: ‘Google Bus’ lacks mandatory permit on main photo of major tech shuttle report

By sfweekly – excerpt


The City released a hotly anticipated, deeply controversial (to transportation nerds, anyway) report on “tech shuttles” last week, but it may have included a major snafu.

The report, which lays outs the dangers and benefits of moving Silicon Valley commuter shuttles off of San Francisco streets and into hubs, follows The City touting its accomplishments in ticketing law-breaking shuttle drivers…(more)



Commuter  Shuttle Hub  Study November 15, 2016
Links to documents from the November 15, 2016 SFMTA Board Meeting:


Many people noted the Out of Compliance Bus featured on the cover of the report and commented on it. It seems that SFMTA staff is less familiar with the regulations than the public is. For some reason all the photos chosen for the report show the tech buses in Muni stops.

As far as the eye can see7.jpeg*4 buses, Muni, truck2 copy.jpeg
Two photos by Ozzie Rohm of 24th Street in Noe Valley during morning rush hour illustrate why the neighbors want relief from the onslaught on tech shuttles.

The Nov 15, 2016 MTA Board agenda item 11 addressing the HUB analysis and the Six Month Update contained 77 pages.  Only two minutes of public comment was allowed!

Supervisor Wiener request a meeting at the The Board of Supervisors (BOS) Land Use Committee. There is not a date set yet.  We will watch the BOS meeting agendas for updates.

MTA CAC (Citizens Advisory Council) has scheduled a Commuter Bus HUB presentation for Thursday. Dec 1, 5:30pm at 1 South Van Ness, 7th Floor.

SFCTA CAC (SF County Transportation Authority Citizen Advisory Committee) has a presentation scheduled for Wednesday November 30,  6 PM at  1455 Market Street, 22nd Floor. Will follow-up to determine if this may change due to the holidays.

Many thanks for everyone who  wrote letters, emails and personally made public comment.

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