VOTE: A Brief Election Message

Our votes are not for sale. Our city is not for sale.
Most of us do not want a wealthy oligarchy to displace low and middle-income residents—who provide the spice and variety of San Francisco’s unique character. Voters need to enact checks & balances and elect independent legislators not beholden to special interests. Preserving our way of life trumps the temporal interests of the few.

Third-party spending reaches historic high in SF supervisor races
– excerpt
Specialized industries often pump big money into contested elections to gain influence when their self-interests are at stake, according to Bob Stern, retired president of the Center for Governmental Studies. The result, he said, is distorted elections where “monied interests have more influence than grassroots.”

The sleaze reaches high tide in SF election
– excerpt

YOUTUBE: What Is Dark Money and How Does It Influence Elections?
VIDEO: HOLY SH*T (You’ve Got To Vote)[Funny, a bit R-rated]
With Rachel Bloom, Moby, Elizabeth Banks, Funny Or Die…..
Rachel Bloom (Crazy Ex-Girlfriend) joins forces with Moby and Elizabeth Banks along with a choir of your favorite stars who have resorted to song because HOLY SH*T, You’ve Got To Vote!

VOTE! Tuesday, November 8, 2016 Election
Vote for checks and balances in city government.
San Francisco Candidates

State Senate, District 11: Jane Kim
Board of Supervisors, District 1: Sandra Lee Fewer
Board of Supervisors, District 3 : Aaron Peksin
Board of Supervisors, District 5 : Dean Preston
Board of Supervisors, District 7 : Norman Yee
Board of Supervisors, District 9 : Hillary Ronen
Board of Supervisors, District 11: Kimberly Alvarenga

San Francisco Ballot measures
Prop A – Yes SFUSD $744 Million Bond
Prop B – No Raises & Extends Existing City College Parcel Tax
Prop C – Yes Affordable Housing Preservation Bond Reallocation
Prop D – Yes Elect Supervisors to Vacant Seats
Prop E – Yes Return Tree Maintenance to City Hall
Prop F – Yes Empower Young Adults to Vote
Prop G – Yes Create Department of Police Accountability
Prop H – Yes Create a Public Advocate position
Prop I – Yes Create a City Set-aside for Seniors/Disabled
Prop J – No Misrepresented Budget Set-Aside for Transit/ Homelessness
Prop K – No Regressive General Sales Tax
Prop L – Yes Give Supervisors & Neighborhoods More Say in SFMTA
Prop M – Yes Create Housing & Development Commission
Prop N – Yes Let Non-Citizen Parents Vote for School Board
Prop O – No Rezoning by ballot initiative
Prop P – No Realtors’ Bid to Stop Affordable Housing
Prop Q – No Disingenuous & Duplicative Anti-Homeless Law
Prop R – No SFPD Set-aside for Quality of Life crimes
Prop S – Yes Use Hotel Tax for Arts/Homeless Services
Prop T – Yes Guidelines for Lobbyists’ Contributions and Gifts
Prop U – No Realtors’ Bid to Eliminate Affordable Housing
Prop V – Yes Tax Soda and Sugary Drinks
Prop W – Yes Raise Transfer Tax on Properties Over $5M
Prop X – Yes Save Community Arts/PDR/Small Business Spaces
Prop RR – Yes $3.5 Billion Bond to Upgrade/Maintain BART


LATEST NEWS: Loads of money are being poured into the proponent’s campaign. Agencies and organizations that benefit financially are stumping for the measures. But despite the misrepresentations, critics are becoming aware that there are no net benefits in Prop J & K. The independent City Economist says: “The tax increase is expected to generate nearly as much tax revenue as it costs in consumption spending [lost retail
sales] —approximately $154 million by 2017-18.” And ironically, the disproportionate impact on low-income residents could exacerbate homelessness.

Vote No on Prop K General Sales Tax NO BAD TAXES!
Join a diverse coalition: Supervisor Aaron Peskin, SF Berniecrats, Harvey Milk LGBT Democratic Club, San Francisco Tomorrow, Coalition for San Francisco Neighborhoods, Young Latino Democrats, Chinese American Democratic Club, District 3 Democratic Club, SF4Democracy, Bernalwood, East Mission Improvement Association, Potrero Views, SaveMuni, Bay Area Transportation Working Group, San Francisco Chamber of Commerce, Council of District Merchants, SF Apartment Owners Association, San Francisco Taxpayers Association, San Francisco Libertarian Party, San Francisco Republican Party….
From the perspective of the business community (Chamber of Commerce, Council of District Merchants and small mom/ pop stores), a lower sales tax would give San Francisco an economic competitive edge over regional cities with higher sales taxes. Local businesses would lose large volumes of revenue that would otherwise grow jobs and spur entrepreneurship.

From Supervisor Aaron Peskin’s perspective:
“We know that there is currently one shelter bed for every 5.5 homeless people in our city and we have over 800 people waiting for shelter – not homes, but literally just shelter – on any given day. To claim that these measures in any way address this epidemic is disingenuous and wrong. Further, the same sponsors have opted to forgo calls for progressive revenue and made homeless services contingent on the passage of a regressive sales tax (Proposition K). On top of that, Prop K’s sales tax has been deliberately placed separately on the ballot from Proposition J, which actually creates the set-aside for homelessness and transportation, in order to get out of the higher vote threshold mandated by the voters for special taxes. It’s disingenuous and if the City really wanted to take on homelessness, we’d be prioritizing cost-effective and proven solutions in our existing $9.6 billion budget and prioritizing progressive revenue measures to fund them – instead of giving tax breaks to the wealthiest sectors of the City.”

Best wishes on the election, Howard

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