Architect consultant on Central Subway overcharged SF, fiscal review finds

by Joe Fitgerald Rodriguez : sfexaminer – excerpt

An architectural consultant for the Central Subway project overcharged The City, according to a review of the project’s finances.

The Office of the Controller’s City Services Auditor Division released a report Wednesday alleging Dr. Sauer & Partners Corporation must reduce the amount it billed the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency.

The review of three consultant contracts was conducted by Sjoberg Evashenk Consulting, which was hired by the Controller’s Office. The review was classified as a “desk review,” the report’s authors wrote, which is considered “substantially less in scope than an examination or audit.”

Dr. Sauer & Partners, an architectural consultant specializing in tunnels and underground facilities, may owe the SFMTA as much as $24,483 due to its miscalculations, according to the Controller’s Office report.

Though the report stated “this amount does not represent the actual recovery amount due to SFMTA, which will be determined by SFMTA at the time of the final contract cost review,” SFMTA spokesperson Paul Rose said the final amount would likely not change… (more)


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