Caltrain approves electrification and EMU contracts

by Keith Barrow : railjournal – excerpt

THE board of Californian commuter rail operator Caltrain has approved contracts with a total value of $US 1.25bn for the electrification of the San Francisco – San Jose line, together with a new fleet of electric trains for the 82km route.

Balfour Beatty Infrastructure has been selected for a design-build contract to electrify the line, while Stadler USA will supply a fleet of double-deck EMUs to replace the locomotive-hauled trains currently in operation. The request for proposals specifies eight-car trains, although some stations will only initially accommodate six-car sets. the order will be for 96 vehicles with an option for 20 additional cars. The 25kV 60Hz ac trains will initially operate at up to 127km/h, but will need to be capable of 177km/h running for blended operation with California High-Speed services, which will also use the San Francisco – San Jose line. Blended operation is expected to begin in 2026-29 with six Caltrain and four high-speed services per hour anticipated at peak times.

The two contracts have been approved with a limited notice to proceed and Caltrain says a full notice to proceed will only be issued when it secures a funding agreement with the Federal Transit Administration (FTA), which is due to be finalised later this year…

Caltrain says it expects electric services to begin operating in late-2020(more)


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