Sharks sue San Jose, fearing Diridon megaproject would eat up arena parking

By Nathan Donato-Weinstein : bizjournals – excerpt

Sharks Sports & Entertainment, the parent company of the San Jose Sharks, is going to court with the city of San Jose over a glitzy, $600 million, mixed-use project that the team says will gobble up parking for downtown arena patrons.

Just two weeks after losing in the Stanley Cup finals, team owners filed a lawsuit Thursday challenging the city’s environmental clearance of developer Trammell Crow’s “Diridon” office and apartment campus. The litigation, under the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), seeks to overturn the project’s approval and an injunction to prevent the developers from breaking ground…

“This massive new project is being imposed on the Diridon Station area and downtown communities based on environmental studies completed many years earlier and based on substantially different conditions,” the Sharks’ attorneys, with Silicon Valley Law Group, write in a petition. The city’s approval process “systematically avoided proper public disclosure” and was “rapidly rammed through the City Council, relying on surprise and wholly one-sided information.”

The lawsuit underscores the conflict between two crucial economic development drivers: The Sharks, which pack a $250 million annual economic impact in San Jose; and urban-scale, dense development, which the city has sought to boost the fortunes of downtown and its relatively meager jobs base…(more)

Sports arena sues over parking rights in San Jose while the Warriors are trying to eat it up in San Francisco. What a challenge for the courts to sort this out.


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