BOS pull budget items 3 and 4

Calendar items for June 14, 2016 relating to SFMTA and Plan Bay Area 2040

Tuesday, June 14, 2 PM –

City Hall Room 250 Board of Supervisors MeetingItem 3. 160464 Ordinance appropriating $207,000,000 of Revenue Bond proceeds to the Municipal Transportation Agency for transportation projects and equipment in FY2016-2017. including Van Ness BRT. Item 4. 160466 Ordinance appropriating $5,980,000 to the Municipal Transportation Agency (MTA), of MTA’s operating fund in FY2017-2018 to support transportation capital projects including the proposed Golden State Warriors Event Center and Mixed Use Development in Mission Bay. We are requesting items 3 and 4 be pulled from the agenda. See sample letter


Tuesday. June 14, 6:30-8:30 PM
1231 Market St., Hotel Whitcomb Plan Bay Area 2040 PlanBayArea is going to be adopted in Summer 2017. This is to determine future housing, transportation & development in SF. for more info & it says you can participate online.


Sample letter to send to the BOS requesting they pull agenda items 3 and 4 re: the SFMTA Budget from the agenda:

BOS agenda request

We request agenda items 3 and 4 be pulled off the June 14 BOS agenda

Email recipients:
Edwin Lee, Mayor – MayorEdwinLee
Ed Reiskin, MTA Director of Transportation: ed.reiskin
Secretary of the Board of Supervisors: board.of.supervisors
David Campos , District Supervisor – David.Campos
Aaron Peskin, District Supervisor – Aaron.Peskin
Malia Cohen, District Supervisor – Malia.Cohen
John Avalos, District Supervisor – John.Avalos
Jane Kim, District Supervisor – Jane.Kim
Katy Tang, District Supervisor – Katy.Tang
London Breed, District Supervisor – London.Breed
Norman Yee, District Supervisor – Norman.Yee.Bos
Eric Mar, District Supervisor – Eric.L.Mar
Mark Farrell, District Supervisor – Mark.Farrell
Scott Wiener, District Supervisor – Scott.Wiener

Subject line: We Urge BOS to Pull Agenda Items #3 & #4 from the agenda.

June 11, 2016

Board of Supervisors:

I am strongly urging the full Board to pull items 3 and 4 from the agenda and re-refer these items to the Government Audit and Oversight Committee.

The facts about the $207 million SFMTA revenue bond issuance that were in the Budget and Finance Committee packet differ from those presented at the SFMTA Bond Oversight Committee meeting on June 1.

Instead of re-referring these items back to the Budget and Finance Committee, I am urging the Board to re-refer these items to the Government Audit and Oversight Committee.

Based on my conversation with the office of the Clerk of the Board, procedurally these items may be re-referred if a motion is made and seconded.

Concerned citizen


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