Avalos’ argument is the same one used by then Assemblymember Jerry Hill a few years back.

from Bob Planthold

Hill introduced a bill to REDUCE the fines for those making an illegal right turn on red , without stopping. Hill said his constituents asked him for help – because they couldn’t afford the high levels of fines for the tickets they were getting.  The Calif. Police Chiefs’ Association, California Walks, and some other safety advocates joined together to defeat that anti-safety bill. Ever since then, Hill has not done anything adverse to traffic / roadway safety. Let’s hope that Avalos and the other 5 Supes. eventually learn something from Jerry Hill’s experience.

“Board approves rolling bike stops; Lee likely to veto…”

Supervisor Avalos says the $200 fine for bike riders who roll through stop signs is “the difference between making their monthly rent or not.” It’s that kind of logic that leaves me shaking my head.

Here’s a suggestion: Don’t run through the damn stop sign and you can make your rent.

And besides, being able to make your rent, you just might not injure someone, or yourself, or a cause an accident.

Joe Mac… (more)

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