Keep the MUNI Lines Up on Market Street During Super Bowl Week

I love San Francisco, and have been proud to call it home for nearly 20 years. We have a golden opportunity to show off our best features to all the visitors making their way here for the Super Bowl. We should put our best foot forward.

The Super Bowl 50 committee has requested SFMTA remove overhead Muni lines along Market Street.

Dismantling public transit in this heavily trafficked corridor in preparation for that influx of people is not the way to showcase our city. We will need moreways to move people around the city, not fewer. The overhead power lines are a part of the city and its character, they are far from “unsightly.” Plus, the streetcars they service are a great bit of San Francisco charm.

I live on one side of the city and work on the other. Commuting on MUNI during this period was already going to be difficult, but this proposal would make it nigh impossible.

And the cost of this request is expected to run “seven figures” and necessitate “lots of overtime.” This disruption will last much longer than the 8 days leading up to the game.

I urge the Citizen Advisory Council recommend SFMTA reject this proposal on December 3rd.



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