SB 350 Passes Assembly Committee, Pro Tem Hails Chamber’s Climate Leadership – excerpt

SACRAMENTO – Senate Bill 350 passed the Assembly Utilities and Commerce Committee on a 9-5 vote Monday. The bill now moves on to the Assembly Natural Resources Committee. SB 350 establishes ambitious new targets for renewable energy generation, energy efficiency, and petroleum use reduction to strengthen California’s leadership in tackling climate change and air pollution while building the renewable energy economy of the future…

SB 350 establishes reasonable and achievable goals that will protect our health and make energy consumption more sustainable for our families and businesses. SB 350: 50 percent reduction in petroleum use; 50 percent utility power coming from renewable energy; 50 percent increase in energy efficiency in existing buildings…

Increasing energy efficiency in existing buildings by 50 percent by 2030 is a reality the U.S. Green Building Council in California says we can achieve (Read details here (link is external)). The Air Resources Board also has a fact sheet (link is external) that lays out the energy savings California is already experiencing and how the state can achieve more reduction in energy costs. SB 350 lays out specific accountability measures that will require government agencies implementing these targets do so in a cost-effective and economically beneficial manner. Senator De León has a proven record of holding the ARB accountable and making sure their clean energy investments are equitable and reach communities disproportionately impacted by pollution. Full details of bill can be found here. What Others Are Saying For more information visit:
…  (more)


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