DTX RALLY: WEDNESDAY, JUNE 24, 11AM at City Hall Steps

Join Rail Pak, Livable City, Coalition for SF Neighborhoods, Friends of Caltrain, Sierra Club, Transit Riders Union, SF Tomorrow, Bay Rail Alliance, TRAC, SaveMuni, TRANSDEF, BATWG and others.


▪ Prioritize and complete the region’s highest transportation priority!

▪ Fulfill the voter mandate of 1999 Prop H to extend Caltrain to the Transbay Center.

▪ Alleviate traffic gridlock and pollution—by reducing the projected 320,000 daily car trips from the south peninsula (more than car trips of the Bay Bridge and Golden Gate Bridgecombined).

▪ Offset diminished streets, sidewalks, utilities, Muni transit and environmental quality caused by upzoning and increased density—originally predicated on the promise of DTX.

▪ Fulfill the promises of an integrated regional transit hub, connecting Caltrain, BART, Muni Metro, Muni buses, AC Transit, SamTrans, Golden Gate Transit and other transit modes. No more delays!

A Grand Central Terminal of the West—not more traffic gridlock and a choked Muni system.

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