It doesn’t work already!

The entire ABAG Plan Bay Area is a disaster that is flawed in concept and is adding to the problem, not solving it.

We are pouring thousands of people into the city who do not work here while pushing thousands of people who work here out.

So now, we have thousands of Silicon Valley workers commuting from the city instead of working near their jobs, and thousands of bridge and tunnel commuters who have to return to the city to work. We are solving nothing. No form of transit can move that many people reliably and safely though the current pipelines.

Extending the single BART pipeline does not create any more room on the pipeline. It only adds to the number of people who are using the system. Capacity is already overflowing.

Moving people into the big cities is what they did in China during the Cultural Revolution. It failed in China and is not sustainable here.

We also have the impending water shortage and rising sea levels. If you believe in such things, why are we dumping people into cities at sea level? Shouldn’t we be moving them to higher elevations?

We need a moratorium on stupidity.

Fed Up!

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