MTC data and Chart

Paul to Howard:

As far as you know is this an accurate portrayal and is his presentation of what Muni’s goals are accurate?  If the answers are yes, are there explanations other than Muni is doing a bad job, such as increased ridership in regional transportation or increases in walking or biking.  If those or other rational explanations don’t account for the stagnation, as a representative of neighborhoods on matters affecting all neighborhoods, is there more that the neighborhood group could be doing?

Howard’s reply:

The modal share data is what MTC has published.  SFMTA’s data seems to vary from time to time—-but I think MTC’s numbers are what should be relied on since they’re somewhat independent.  SFMTA and other transit agencies tend to cherry-pick data.  It’s true that ridership numbers may increase but not necessarily in proportion to population/ employment growth.  See the Attached Chart by Transportation experet Tom Rubin.  What the Coalition and San Franciscans can do is to eliminate politics from transit funding decisions.  No more Central Subways—instead high priority and high-benefit to cost projects:  Citywide Transit-Preferential Streets, Downtown Caltrain Extension (take a hundred thousand cars off the road), restore Muni service cuts to neighborhoods…..  Best, Howard



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