The SFMTA Board Meeting was actually their RETREAT—but it wasn’t very well advertised because public attendance was dismal (maybe 10 people). Most of the audience was MTA managers and presenters. Ironically, one topic of discussion was improving public outreach and particiapation. MTA staffers reported on the items in the Workshop Presentation powerpoint and handout.

Ed Mason, Herb Weiner and I spoke on every item—offering “alternative” viewpoints.

On earlier items, the Bicycle Coalition, SF Walk and SF Transit Riders Union spoke. The former two had positive comments because they will receive much of Prop A’s money.

We spoke about Muni’s unresolved issues, falling transit modal shares, need to emphasize transit-priority programs, restore neighborhood services (not rapid corridors)…. After 7 hours, Ed/ Herb/ Howard were the only public remaining.
The data in the Workshop Presentation are skewed. Charts have exaggerated spacing to give the impression of progress—but ridership gains are minimal etc.

Also, the cold Hall of Flowers had poor audio system and the Retreat was not televised.
This very informative meeting should have been widely advertised, televised and used as a forum to bring out ideas. The MTA Board did speak much more about ideas than at regular board meetings.

– Regards, Howard

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