Informative SFMTA Board Meeting

Tuesday, February 3, 2015, 9am
Hall of Flowers, 1199 9th Ave. (at Lincoln Way in Golden Gate Park)
The next SFMTA Board Meeting will be an informative overview of SF transit, goals and projects.  Feel free to attend or watch on SFGOVTV.  You may want to speak – to support accelerating Transit-Priority Street projects, stopping low benefit-to-cost projects like the Central Subway etc.

BOARD WORKSHOP PRESENTATION:  Includes good data and project descriptions:  SFMTA Strategic Plan, transportation trends, modal share goals, Vision Two:  Transit-First, Vision Three:  Central Corridor Projects & Planning Initiatives…..

It’s interesting to note that SF’s transit modal share has remained stagnant at 24% for decades.  Despite billions of dollars of expenditures, SF hasn’t significantly moved towards the 60% transit modal shares of Zurich, Bogota and Curitab (or the 52% pedestrian modal share of Paris).  A major blame is the Central Subway, which has drained $605 million of local/ state matching funds from Muni (and $983 million of federal funds that could have gone to effective projects).
Like Zurich, San Francisco has the choice of fast-tracking Transit-Priority Projects to strive for the goal of 60% transit modal share—because we have seen that it is possible.

– Regards, Howard

2 thoughts on “Informative SFMTA Board Meeting

  1. Posted for a reader

    Very interesting presentation. Thanks for sending.
    I did miss this one, but thanks to you I’m catching up.

    After a brief look at this presentation, I can see how this agency would be of concern for you.
    SFMTA put a lot of work into this presentation to sell folks on their plans and they have a lot of plans to change your behavior.

    Has anyone looked into the enabling legislation that created SFMTA?



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