January was a good month for Muni riders

January 2015 turned out to be a winning month for Muni riders. Everybody got something.

People have been asking for shuttle services in sparsely covered ares of town for years, and we now have a privately funded shuttle service operating in SF, with the promise of more to come. So far SFMTA seems to be out of the shuttle loop. All the better, as long as they don’t try to obstruct the private entities that are running them. Satisfied riders should feel empowered to do more for themselves when government fails.

If you support extending free Muni to more people, you can knock that one off the list as well. If you don’t you can complain about it. I’m staying out of that one.

One of ENUF’s biggest complaints has been the lack of late hour services. We brought that up at early meetings with Supervisors when we first talked to them about parking enforcement hours. SFMTA claims they are extending Muni hours, so we will count that as a win. I suspect SaveMuni also supports extending late hour services, so you could count that as a success as well.

January has not been all that bad for Muni riders. Now if they could just quit taking out service and stops, we would be a lot happier.

Mari Eliza


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