January was a good month for Muni riders

January 2015 turned out to be a winning month for Muni riders. Everybody got something.

People have been asking for shuttle services in sparsely covered ares of town for years, and we now have a privately funded shuttle service operating in SF, with the promise of more to come. So far SFMTA seems to be out of the shuttle loop. All the better, as long as they don’t try to obstruct the private entities that are running them. Satisfied riders should feel empowered to do more for themselves when government fails.

If you support extending free Muni to more people, you can knock that one off the list as well. If you don’t you can complain about it. I’m staying out of that one.

One of ENUF’s biggest complaints has been the lack of late hour services. We brought that up at early meetings with Supervisors when we first talked to them about parking enforcement hours. SFMTA claims they are extending Muni hours, so we will count that as a win. I suspect SaveMuni also supports extending late hour services, so you could count that as a success as well.

January has not been all that bad for Muni riders. Now if they could just quit taking out service and stops, we would be a lot happier.

Mari Eliza

MTA BOARD AGENDA: Jan. 20, 2015

MTA BOARD: January 20, 2015
1-20-15Agenda-MTAB.pdf.   Items include Free Muni for low/ middle-income seniors and disabled, purchase of more LRV vehicles, privatization of public parking spots, and Ed Reiskin’s contract.

On the Consent calendar: Item (10.4) Establishing Tow-Away No Stopping Anytime Except Permitted Car Share Vehicles at the following locations:

A. 3rd Street, east side, from 96 feet to 116 feet north of 22nd Street
B. 10th Street, south side, from 152 feet to 174 feet east of Market Street
C. 19th Street, south side, from Linda Street 18 feet easterly
D. 20th Street, north side, from 16 feet to 54 feet east of Guerrero Street
E. 20th Street, north side, from 6 feet to 42 feet east of Bryant Street
F. 21st Street, south side, from Guerrero Street to 34 feet easterly
G. 28th Avenue, east side, from Clement Street to 38 feet northerly
H. 38th Avenue, west side, from 16 feet to 54 feet north of Noriega Street
I. Anza Street, north side, from 9 feet to 29 feet east of 44th Avenue
J. Bosworth Street, north side, from 18 feet to 38 feet west of Brompton Avenue
K. Bosworth Street, north side, from 38 feet to 56 feet west of Brompton Avenue
L. Carolina Street, east side, from 22nd Street 38 feet southerly
M. Cayuga Avenue, west side, from Balhi Court to 20 feet northerly
N. Clement Street, north side, from 34th Avenue to 34 feet westerly
O. Excelsior Avenue, north side, from 11 feet to 54 feet east of Mission Street
P. Green Street, north side, from Hyde St to 36 feet westerly
Q. Hayes Street, north side, from 80 feet to 100 feet west of Steiner Street
R. Montgomery Street, east side, from Green Street to 8.5 feet northerly
S. Noriega Street, north side, from 16 feet to 54 feet west of 9th Avenue
T. San Jose Avenue, west side, from Havelock Street to 34 feet southerly
U. Sanchez Street, east side, from 24 feet to 60 feet north of 30th Street
V. Taylor Street, east side, from 20 feet to 60 feet north of Union Street
W.Taylor Street, west side, from 51 feet to 69 feet north of Pacific Avenue
X. Thornton Avenue, north side, from 3 feet to 39 feet east of Bridgeview Drive
Y. Ulloa Street, south side, from 16th Avenue to 38 feet easterly
Z. Vallejo Street, south side, from 22 feet to 46 feet west of Franklin Street
AA. Walter Street, west side, from 10 feet to 44 feet north of 14th Street
BB. Webster Street, east side, from Washington Street to 20 feet southerly
(Explanatory documents include a staff report and resolution.)


Community Efforts to Extend Mission Bay Loop Rejected

Meter Madness

By Keith Burbank :potreroview – excerpt

The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) has rejected community calls to extend the Mission Bay Loop (MBL) further south. The issue didn’t even appear on SFMTA’s December meeting agenda, though one Dogpatch resident encouraged the agency’s board to seriously consider the southern option during the public comment period. 

According to SFMTA, the loop will increase service levels to a growing Southside population and “is key to efficient integration of the T-Third Street line with service on the Central Subway.” While community advocates want the loop built, they prefer a different route than the one planned for 18th, 19th and Illinois streets.

The transit agency has contracted Mitchell Engineering to build the loop. Construction could begin as soon as this month. Under its agreement, the company has 240 days to complete the project.

Dogpatch resident Bill Schwartz wants SFMTA to build the loop…

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Muni Forward Open Houses

by Rachel Hyden

This year we resolve to make your commute easier. From pedestrian safety improvements that make it safer to walk to transit priority projects that improve Muni reliability, Muni Forward is all about making it easier and safer to get around town.
To kick off 2015, we’re hosting two open houses to share our proposed improvements for the 22 Fillmore and 30 Stockton. Join us to learn more, engage with SFMTA staff, ask questions and share your thoughts!
Your feedback is important as we work together to improve Muni.
Muni Forward January Open Houses
6 – 7:30 p.m., Wednesday, Jan. 14
Marshall Elementary School
1575 15th Street, San Francisco
Can’t make it? Take our project survey!
6 – 7:30 p.m., Wednesday, Jan. 28
North Beach Library
850 Columbus Avenue, San Francisco
Can’t make it? Take our project survey!
These open houses may be the first of 2015, but we’ve got plenty more in store this year. Stay in-the-know about all things Muni Forward by signing up to receive email updates, or follow us on Twitter @MuniForward.
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San Francisco’s Mayor Lee Sheds Light On Financing Muni’s Light Rail Expansion

Margie Shafer : cbslocal – excerpt

SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS)— San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee may have already announced a major expansion of Muni’s light-rail fleet, but at a news conference he said options to finance the multi-million dollar project are still being considered.

Lee made an announcement Tuesday morning at the Muni Metro East Maintenance Facility at 601 25th Street at Illinois, where the aging fleet of cars is maintained…

The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) will seek up to $153 million in California cap and trade funds and the $57 million balance from the MTA. If that doesn’t work, the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) is expected to guarantee funds to fill in the gap… (more)

SF Crews work to repair sinkhole above Central Subway

abc7news – excerpt

Workers noticed the sink hole developing Friday night at 4th and Mission. Below ground is where tunnels have been dug for the $1.6 billion Central Subway Project. The twin tunnels are complete but crews are now building what’s called a cross passage for passengers to get from one side to the other in an emergency.

“This cross passage, the technique used for the excavation was ground freeze and the ground was frozen properly,” John Funghi, San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency’s point man for the project, said.

Ground freezing is a process using pipes to freeze the earth, making it stable enough for underground construction.

Somehow muddy water and sand seeped into the site, causing the street to sink.

When asked why there was water leaking if the pipes were frozen, Funghi replied, “Well, good question. We’re investigating. It’s a little premature to say that the ground thawed and allowed the water to infiltrate. What we suspect is that water found its way through a fissure in the frozen ground.”

Funghi says it’s not uncommon for water to get into an underground construction site, particularly one below sea level, but acknowledges this was not normal. Critics of the project believe nearby buildings will now need constant monitoring...

The entire 1.7 mile subway route will now be inspected.

“At this point, we still have to do an investigation to determine what happened here. Right now, we’re focused on repairing the utilities and the road,” Paul Rose from the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency said… (more)


Large Sinkhole On Fourth Street, Caused By Central Subway Construction, May Take Weeks To Fix

: sfist – excerpt

A pretty significant sinkhole that appeared at Fourth and Jessie Streets over the weekend, which the SFMTA is euphemistically referring to as a “void in the street,” may take two weeks or more to fix, and definitely freaked out the employees and owner of Cole Hardware, which sits right next to the “void.”

As Cole Hardware owner Paul Shindler told KTVU, “It wasn’t so bad, until they sent an officer in here telling us to shut our front door. So that was nerve-wracking!”

Bay City News reports that the SFMTA is investigating the cause of the sinkhole, which happened right above the path of the Central Subway tunnel, and that they will be inspecting the complete route of the new subway to make sure this doesn’t happen again. Also, apparently, the sinkhole impacted a water main but did not impact any surrounding buildings. Crews have filled in some concrete underneath to stabilize the street, and currently two lanes of Fourth Street are open.

As of today it’s undetermined how long long repairs will take… (more)

This Stretch Of Stockton Street Will Be Closed For The Next Five Years
Roadway Above Central Subway Gives Way in SoMa