LOW VOTER TURNOUT: A Few Enlightened Votes Will Win.

SaveMuni = FRISC
Fast, Frequent, Reliable, Inexpensive, Safe, Clean and “Cool”.

SaveMuni is dedicated to improving the entire Muni transit system in every neighborhood of San Francisco – quickly and inexpensively – emphasizing best transportation practices in the world, transit-preferential streets, bus rapid transit and high benefit-to-cost infrastructure projects.

Voter turnout will be low – 56% or less (242,000 total votes). With many complex ballot measures, absentee ballots have been slow. On Election Day, over 140,000 votes will be cast.

Securing every vote is key. Help secure a few “No on Prop A” votes—to offset the City’s $1.2 million campaign.

PROPOSITION A: A DATA ANALYSIS CHANGING PROJECT DESCRIPTIONS The Bond Pitch was initially for transit improvements—then pedestrian safety projects or perhaps road/ street work.Legal Ordinance has no binding language for any specific work. SFMTA can spend the money for anything, including cost overruns of existing capital projects.PropAPieChartChronicle’s Matier & Ross Report made a best-case analysis of dollar allocations, showing little funding for Muni—despite incurring $1 billion in total debt load.

Ultimate Result: No appreciable improvement in Muni performance or ridership numbers. Actually, Muni would be worse off—with more cuts in neighborhood bus service and bus stops.

Vote No on Prop A!


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