Muni Forward Open Houses Kick Off This Week

Meter Madness

by Rachel Hyden :sfmta – excerpt

Muni Forward is about making it easier to get around San Francisco—from improving the frequency and reliability of Muni, to making it safer to walk in the city. All of the SFMTA’s plans and projects to provide a more comfortable experience on and around transit are part of Muni Forward. This includes proposals to make transit-priority and pedestrian safety improvements along some of Muni’s busiest routes, like the three routes listed below.

This November we’re kicking off another series of open houses to build on previous outreach events in 2012 and 2014. Our success at improving our transportation system relies on community involvement, so we hope to see you there!

Join us to learn more:

28 19th Avenue

Mercy High School, RistHall
3250 19th Ave San Francisco, CA 94132
Project survey

30 Stockton 
Wednesday, November 12 from 6:30 – 8:00 p.m.
Gordon J Lau Elementary School
950 Clay Street San Francisco, CA 94108
Project survey

8X Bayshore Express

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SFMTA officials changed legislation. Claimed they were “simplifying and clarifying”

Support the November Ballot initiative: Restore Transportation Balance in San Francisco.  It is important to get the facts out about Props A, B, and L. Props A and B will will give the SFMTA license to spend over $500 million dollars as it pleases, and Prop L seeks to Restore Transportation Balance. We contend that SFMTA is out of control and needs to be stopped.

This video explains how unelected SFMTA officials changed street parking legislation while claiming they were “simplifying and clarifying” the language. It is important to understand this process because other unelected government bodies are attempting to do the same thing. We feel the best way to stop these practices is for our elected supervisors to hold public hearings to investigate them. If you agree with us, please sign the petition to Restore Parking Oversight of SFMTA.

Even after appeals from 20+ neighborhood and business associations and the agency’s Citizen Advisory Committee to rescind the policies, the SFMTA Board has taken no action. The Board of Supervisors must step in to provide oversight and accountability.

LOW VOTER TURNOUT: A Few Enlightened Votes Will Win.

SaveMuni = FRISC
Fast, Frequent, Reliable, Inexpensive, Safe, Clean and “Cool”.

SaveMuni is dedicated to improving the entire Muni transit system in every neighborhood of San Francisco – quickly and inexpensively – emphasizing best transportation practices in the world, transit-preferential streets, bus rapid transit and high benefit-to-cost infrastructure projects.

Voter turnout will be low – 56% or less (242,000 total votes). With many complex ballot measures, absentee ballots have been slow. On Election Day, over 140,000 votes will be cast.

Securing every vote is key. Help secure a few “No on Prop A” votes—to offset the City’s $1.2 million campaign.

PROPOSITION A: A DATA ANALYSIS CHANGING PROJECT DESCRIPTIONS The Bond Pitch was initially for transit improvements—then pedestrian safety projects or perhaps road/ street work.Legal Ordinance has no binding language for any specific work. SFMTA can spend the money for anything, including cost overruns of existing capital projects.PropAPieChartChronicle’s Matier & Ross Report made a best-case analysis of dollar allocations, showing little funding for Muni—despite incurring $1 billion in total debt load.

Ultimate Result: No appreciable improvement in Muni performance or ridership numbers. Actually, Muni would be worse off—with more cuts in neighborhood bus service and bus stops.

Vote No on Prop A!