Restore Transportation Balance Ballot Measure

Restore Transportation Balance Ballot Measure

San Franciscans are extremely multi-modal—strongly supporting San Francisco’s Transit-First Policy (1973) but also car-dependent when warranted or even necessary. But SFMTA hasn’t listened to Muni riders or automobile drivers—-making life maddening and costly for everyone. Prop L shouldn’t be portrayed for what it is not. Reading the language of Prop L should be the starting point for a needed dialogue—with 79% of San Franciscans who drive occasionally.

Cutting Muni service in every neighborhood, SFMTA has forced people into automobiles—then penalized drivers with increased fees, fines, citations, meters, parking elimination…. Prop L is more about fairness for all San Franciscans rather than a fight over cars, bicycles, pedestrians and public transit. Any “divide and conquer” tactic serves only the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency’s propensity for ever-higher budgets, wasteful spending, bad projects and service cuts.


Prop L is a Declaration of Policy. The ballot language essentially advocates for equal representation and equal “taxation” for 79% of San Franciscans who use cars—at least occasionally. San Francisco’s modal trip shares are 24 percent by walking, 20 percent by transit, 3 percent by bicycle, and 53 percent by automobile.


Mayor Ed Lee is neutral on Prop L. At the SF Chronicle’s Editorial Board, the Mayor said” “I’m not worried about it [Prop L].” With more Muni service cuts in neighborhoods proposed in Prop A, there’s good reason to vote No on Prop A and Yes on Prop L.


Prop L’s underlying message is inclusion—an underlying democratic principle for all public policy. Voting YES ON PROP L doesn’t preclude Transit-First. Voting YES ON PROP L is a return to fundamentals of planning an integrated citywide transportation system. Instead of making everyone unhappy, SFMTA can listen and spend money wisely to achieve a holistic transit system—rather than driving people into cars. Before we throw away billions of more dollars, let’s get our act together!

Regards, Howard

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