Lee and Pelosi talk middle class jobs in unequal SF

By Rebecca Bowe : sfbg – excerpt

House minority leader Nancy Pelosi (D-SF) joined Mayor Ed Lee at a press conference yesterday [Tue 12] at Yerba Buena across from the construction site of a Central Subway station. It was billed as an event highlighting how “San Francisco has been in the lead” on creating middle-class jobs, investing in transportation, and ensuring fair wages for workers.

But as these words in the press advisory leapt out at us, we at the Bay Guardian responded with raised eyebrows. Really? It has?

The point of this media appearance, we learned upon arrival, was to promote House Democrats’ newly unveiled Middle Class Jumpstart agenda – a legislative package floated to bolster the middle class, in advance of the upcoming midterm election. Pelosi and Lee also sought to highlight the Central Subway as a transportation infrastructure project that’s spurring middle-class job creation (The $1.6 billion Central Subway project has also spurred mystifying questions as to how the money is actually being spent, but that’s a different story).

Creating middle class jobs

The message was clear: San Francisco Democrats are here to support the middle class. But that’s a tough sell. Everyone knows that the middle class is vanishing from San Francisco as skyrocketing property values make it increasingly untenable for middle-income earners to reside here.

Instead, recent studies have shown that what’s really on the rise is income inequality: Even the San Francisco Chronicle pointed out that the city’s own customized Gini Coefficient, a formula used to measure wealth distribution, puts San Francisco on par with Rwanda in terms of its economic inequality.

Earlier this year, a Brookings Institute report found that the income gap between the city’s rich and poor is growing faster than in any other US city.

We asked Lee about that growing income inequality trend at the press conference… (more)

How much does this job creation program cost per job? Exactly how many middle class jobs do they claim were created by the Central Subway project for San Francisco residents and at what cost. That would be an interesting metric to look at. Total cost of the project divided by the number of middle class jobs.
This must be one of the most expensive job creation programs in history.


Pelosi, Lee tout Central Subway as model economic development project

Meter Madness

By Laura Dudnick :sfexaminer – excerpt

The yearslong creation of the Central Subway is a prime example of how large infrastructure projects in cities can boost the economy, create local jobs and increase commerce in the U.S., House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said Tuesday.

Amid the roar of construction of Muni’s future Yerba Buena-Moscone station, Pelosi, Mayor Ed Lee and San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency Transportation Director Ed Reiskin touted The City as a key pillar of the Middle Class Jumpstart agenda launched by House Democrats last month to ensure “good-paying jobs” for workers nationwide… (more)

If incumbent Democrats claim that controversial projects like the Central Subway are a good way to generate jobs around the country they are in trouble.

They will have a hard time convincing transit riders faced with higher fees and cutbacks in Muni services and maintenance.

Forget counting on any further support from California…

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Sleepless nights in North Beach above the tunnel

cbslocal – excerpt

Folks who live in North Beach are tired of all the noise. They say they cant sleep with all the heavy construction from the central subway project. Construction workers are going 24/7 at the pagoda site to remove the large tunnel boring machines. Tommorow at noon people who live near the site at powell and columbus will meet in the area to protest the work they are calling “expensive and unnecessary”… (more)