For Immediate Release


Wednesday, December 18, 2013 at 1:30 PM
Main Library, 100 Larkin Street (Civic Center)
In Latino/Hispanic Room (Lower Level)

The Mayor’s Transportation Task Force (TTF) recently released its report, but fails to address MUNI’s holistic needs and to materially ease traffic congestion.

Political Allocation of Proposed New Revenue:  This $3 billion proposal to sell bonds, raise sales taxes and increase the vehicle license fee fails to meet the known needs for a better public transit system.
Only about 40% of the recommended revenues go to MUNI.  And those MUNI improvements are described in vague terms, giving politicians substantial discretion to later divert funds to unproductive uses.

New Revenues Must Go Primarily to MUNI: We agree with the Mayor that it is necessary to make a major effort to improve transportation in the city.  But we call upon the TTF to provide at least 75 % of all funds, raised by bond financing and tax and fee increases, to go to specific MUNI projects—to improve the service and reliability of the citywide MUNI transit system and its 700,000 daily riders.

Transportation Task Force Had Pre-determined Conclusion: The results of the Task Force’s work were pre-determined and predicted by  The TTF was mainly made up of administration officials and the business community.  There were no representatives from the community at large and no independent transit experts.  The result was little more than an elaborate ruse to convince voters to approve financing measures slated for the November 2014 ballot.

Dramatically Improve the Declining MUNI System and Social Equity: supports street maintenance, traffic signal upgrades, bicycling and walking enhancements.  But other sources of funds should be found for many of those projects given the critical need to improve service for the vast majority of San Franciscans—who depend on MUNI for work, school and daily life.

Bob Feinbaum       510 534-7008
Howard Wong        415 982-5055