MTA BOARD, TUESDAY, NOV. 5, 1PM, City Hall Room 400

MTA BOARD, TUESDAY, NOV. 5, 1PM, City Hall Room 400

ITEM 10.6:  On Consent Calendar – comments to:, or
Item 10.6 adds $550,000 cost to the $9.15 Million Pagoda Theater’s cost—for a new total of $9.7 Million.  This cost increase is a continuing trend of more money being taken from Muni operations.  Especially galling are extra costs for outreach to adjacent businesses—when in reality several businesses have been financially hurt by construction way into the night.  As a reminder, the Tunnel Boring Machines can be extracted in Chinatown, or buried underground like many projects around the world—saving Muni anywhere from $21 to $79 million (depending on which MTA estimate one accepts).  With the Central Subway’s overall contingency falling below 4%, we need to save money for Muni services—not continue to cut services.    

ITEM 12:  Draft Transportation Task Force Report
Muni riders want to improve the entire Muni system in every neighborhood—to reverse recent service cuts, route eliminations, shortened lines, missed runs, switchbacks and deteriorating vehicles.  Instead of a well-conceived Master Plan for a world-class transit system, the Transportation Task Force’s Report is merely a pre-determined justification for a huge General Obligation Bond in 2014 and sales tax extensions.
The Task Force’s members put in pet projects and vaguely-defined capital projects.  We need a more holistic Transit-Priority Program throughout the city—like many cities around the world.
Muni riders want SFMTA to address San Francisco’s long-range transportation needs.  The TEP focuses on rapid lines that decreases transit in neighborhoods—hurting seniors, the disable, the disadvantaged and many others.  Also, be aware of hidden agendas.  With looming Central Subway cost overruns, please stop any more funds being taken from the rest of the Muni system.

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