A History of San Francisco’s Waterfront Battles

Interesting history to share with your members/ newsletters—when Russian Hill residents fought the Fontana Towers (stopped five other towers) and fought for the waterfront 40-foot height limit.  Below are the 8-lane tunnels under Russian Hill that were never built.  Note the Art Institute’s tower in the picture.

Below:  Proposed seven towers at Aquatic Park. The twin Fontana Towers were built. clip_image020

The Fontana Towers and Waterfront Battle.  Residents of Russian Hill and Casper Weinberger (a Republican conservationist) stopped towers along the waterfront.  A coalition fought for the waterfront 40-foot height limits.  Later, height limits were initiated on Russian Hill.
The Freeway Battles  For decades, Telegraph Hill Dwellers, San Francisco Tomorrow and many others fought the freeways.
Over time, by tapering heights downward towards the waterfront, public vistas and San Francisco’s beauty will be preserved for everyone.
– Regards, Howard Wong, AIA


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