Save Muni August 19 agenda

2011.0508E Transit Effectiveness Project (TEP) Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR)
Given the citywide nature of the TEP project, the Planning Department is extending the public comment period to 5:00 pm on Tuesday, September 17, 2013.
Written comments on the DEIR should be submitted to the Planning Department at the following address:
By Mail:  Sarah B. Jones, Environmental Review Officer, Planning Department, 1650 Mission Street, Suite 400, SF, CA, 94103
By Email: or
The DEIR document is available on-line at .
FOR INFO:  Heidi Kline, LEED AP, Environmental Planner, Planning Department, 1650 Mission Street, 4th Floor, SF, CA 94103

Simplicity is a good strategy for public transit.  Even developing countries can move millions of daily riders with limited resources.  Forty years ago in Curitiba (Brazil), Mayor Jaime Lerner (an architect and urban planner) integrated public transportation into a comprehensive urban plan.  Curitiba’s transit-priority streets and bus rapid transit were consistently implemented in stages, avoiding large-scale and expensive projects in favor of modest initiatives.  Meanwhile, Muni has fewer riders now than it did a decade ago—the only major transit agency to lose customers among the nation’s top six transit districts.  Rather than reinventing the wheel, let’s adopt best transit practices.
1.    Bad City priorities are wasting millions of dollars that are needed to improve Muni service.
2.    Implement transit-priority streets throughout the city in every neighborhood.
3.    We can reverse Muni’s poor on-time performance, shorter hours, breakdowns, accidents, missed runs, switchbacks and declining ridership.  Let’s move scarce Muni funding into smarter transit investments.
4.    By extracting the tunnel boring machines in Chinatown, we can save $9 to $13 million.
5.    By not digging the empty tunnels from Chinatown to North Beach, we can save $80 million.
6.    Also, as revealed in recent reports and independent analysis, we need to prevent Central Subway cost overruns of $400 million or more—because Muni needs the money more.
7.    Better yet, like the Embarcadero Freeway, stop the Central Subway and save hundreds of millions of dollars.

Regards, Howard Wong, AIA


One thought on “Save Muni August 19 agenda

  1. SaveMuni will soon be issuing a press release describing Props J and K, two very deceptive and wasteful San Francisco propositions. Together these two losers are on an ethical par with the Beverage Industry’s desperate attempt to trick people into not voting for the 1 cent tax on soft drinks.
    SaveMuni was formed 6 years ago to find ways of rendering Muni more useful and appealing to more people. If you have questions about SaveMuni or its issues please call. Gerald Cauthen, 510 208 5441


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